Dmitry Leskov

It’s Been a Long Time Since I Had To Patch a Binary Executable…

…let alone the main executable of a popular open source development tool.

Outlook Macro to Nicely Format Skype Chat Excerpts

Skype IM Pretty Printer is a VBA Macro for Microsoft Outlook that helps you format Skype chat excerpts for readability before you email them to someone or store for archival purposes.

Pushing Files from Windows to Linux/Unix Hosts with cwRsync

I develop this blog and my other Web properties on Windows PC, but run them on a Linux VPS. This post documents how I set up deployment from Windows to Linux using cwRsync.

Troubleshooting VBoxVmService – Windows Service For Running VirtualBox VMs

It looked as if it could not propagate an environment variable pointing to the location of the file with my VMs settings to the VirtualBox command-line interface, so the latter kept looking for it in the system profile directory. Worked around by copying the file there; now have a small Ubuntu server running quietly in the background.

Apache 2.2 cannot load php5apache2_2.dll – Problem Solved

Finding possible causes of “Apache 2.2 cannot load php5apache2_2.dll” after PHP upgrade.