Dmitry Leskov

Troubleshooting VBoxVmService – Windows Service For Running VirtualBox VMs

It looked as if it could not propagate an environment variable pointing to the location of the file with my VMs settings to the VirtualBox command-line interface, so the latter kept looking for it in the system profile directory. Worked around by copying the file there; now have a small Ubuntu server running quietly in the background.

Massively Cloning A VirtualBox VM – The Smart Way

Presented in this post is a process optimized for the creation of multiple, nearly identical VirtualBox VM clones that may then run side-by-side on a single host.

Baseline Ubuntu Server Installation on VirtualBox

However lean and streamlined have operating system installation procedures become in recent years, it is always desirable to reduce the amounts of time and user interaction required, especially when you need to conduct a series of (nearly) identical installations. Virtual machine cloning comes to the rescue. This post show how to install a baseline Ubuntu Server on a VirtualBox VM for subsequent cloning.