Dmitry Leskov

Updated AddFLACs to Extract Track Metadata From Pathnames

Match your FLAC files pathnames against a regular expression, then refer to capture groups when specifying iTunes field values.

It’s Been a Long Time Since I Had To Patch a Binary Executable…

…let alone the main executable of a popular open source development tool.

Outlook Macro to Nicely Format Skype Chat Excerpts

Skype IM Pretty Printer is a VBA Macro for Microsoft Outlook that helps you format Skype chat excerpts for readability before you email them to someone or store for archival purposes.

Pushing Files from Windows to Linux/Unix Hosts with cwRsync

I develop this blog and my other Web properties on Windows PC, but run them on a Linux VPS. This post documents how I set up deployment from Windows to Linux using cwRsync.

iTunes Automation: Convert FLAC Audio Files to Apple Lossless

I have released a script that I use to import FLAC files into iTunes as Apple Lossless. Download and use or fork it on GitHub.

Git Tip: Quickly Merging in a Side Project Repo

How to quickly merge a separate git repo into a larger project if you only need to retain history of the master branch of the “secondary” repo.

Putting The “Received” Column In Thunderbird To Work

The Date email header often contacts incorrect timestamps, so Outlook and popular Web mail clients typically sort messages by the time they were received. However, Thunderbird does not retrieve the Received header by default when accessing IMAP folders. Here is how to fix this.

Forcing SpamAssassin To Add The X-Spam-Status Header To Ham For Debugging

In some circumstances, you may need to find out why certain messages are not being marked as spam by SpamAssassin (or, for that matter, any other junk mail filtering solution). I had such a need today and it turned out to be less trivial that I had expected.

How To Run UglifyJS on Windows Using node.js

Now that there is a Windows build of node.js, you may run UglifyJS using its main development platform.

Mysterious GNU sed option “-E”

Figuring out what the sed -E option does took me a bit more time than expected, as it turned out to be undocumented.

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